In fiscal year 2023, 1516 criminal cases were reviewed and disposed of in some manner by the Attorneys in the Rockingham County Attorney’s Office. 3621 criminal charges were filed in the Rockingham County Superior Court by our prosecutors (1234 cases and 1084 defendants). 486 jury trials were scheduled for trial by the Superior Court in fiscal year 2023.


The staff in our office is broken into 5 teams. Each team (apart from our ECR team) consists of 1 lead attorney, approximately 3 assistant county attorneys and 3 legal assistants. The 5 teams represent 4 different geographic areas as well as our Early Case Resolution team. Team 5 is supervised by the Deputy County Attorney, Kristin Vartanian. The Deputy County Attorney directly oversees all the Assistant County Attorneys and handles a caseload, as does the County Attorney. This system allows the RCAO staff to create good, solid working relationships with the police departments in their respective area.


Assistant County Attorneys are on call 24 hours a day to be available to any law enforcement agency to assist in crime scene investigations, answer questions and to aid in charging decisions.